Help me give away 3 months of Online training!

Our finalists have been working really hard on mastering the 4 pillars of our Online Training program to make incredible changes to their lives, these are:

They have inspired us and so we thought we would give back to them by allowing YOU to vote for who you think should win 3 months worth of online personal training!

Here are the contenders:

Asher Body Transformation


Asher went from no confidence in his injured back to squatting and deadlifting again!

Damien Body Transformation


Damien lost 8kg of lockdown weight without stepping foot in a gym!

Ed Body Transformation


Ed went from rehab to ‘Ed the Shred’ over the course of 2 lockdowns in the UK and lots of gym closures!

Lincoln Body Transformation


Lincoln went from ‘terrible’ sleep to much better sleep and more productive days, and a 6 pack!

Lukas Body Transformation


Lukas went from injured (16 broken bones) to training intensely again!

Mikael Body Transformation


Mikael went from skinny to strong and gained 5kg of muscle!

Ramona Body Transformation


Ramona went from lacking complete confidence in her body to feeling the best she has ever felt!

Sharni Body Transformation


Sharni went from bad health markers and poor eating to being fitter at 59 than in her 30s!

Tayler Body Transformation


Tayler went from skinny to lean in the smallest time frame, 5 weeks!

They all had one thing in common…. They were lacking structure and didn’t know how or where to start from!

BUT they got in touch and made the change to improve their eating habits, training routine and lifestyle!

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Vote For your favourite transformation
Asher 2 ( 0.41 % )
Damien 2 ( 0.41 % )
Ed 26 ( 5.33 % )
Lincoln 6 ( 1.23 % )
Lukas 5 ( 1.02 % )
Mikael 3 ( 0.61 % )
Ramona 117 ( 23.98 % )
Sharni 308 ( 63.11 % )
Tayler 19 ( 3.89 % )

We are very aware how difficult it can be to objectively vote for the best transformation here. It is obviously very hard to give much context to each individual but please be assured that all of these men and women have dramatically changed their lives by taking action, and they are confident that they can sustain this for good!  We thought it would be great to give back to one of these amazing people and give them the opportunity to extend their health and fitness mentoring journey with us for free, for another 3 months! 

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18 Comments on “Vote For Your Favourite Transformation

  1. Respectfully salute Sharni’s transformation, an incredible leap into the world of healthy living and fitness, well done and all the best 👌🙂

  2. Jumi
    January 12, 2021
    Hey Sharni you are doing well keep it up👍, you look beautiful ❤️

  3. Really good job Sharni, but don’t stop keep working on yourself. Stay fit & healthy😉

  4. Amazing transformation, your hard work has paid off 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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