Anthony Paulhe

Expert in body transformation

My Philosophy

When it comes to training, nutrition, lifestyle, everything is context dependent. We live in a world where this information is at our fingertips which can seem confusing at times… MY GOAL is to help you connect the dots between what’s relevant to you and what isn’t.

Why Me?
  • Over 10 years in the training industry.
  • Personal training in world class gyms across the globe.
  • Mentoring other Personal Trainers (more than 30 since 2015).
  • I have helped people achieve mind blowing physical, mental and health transformations.
  • My work has been published in more than 10 different magazines.
  • I was nominated for best UK North trainer in 2019 and placed in the top 3.

After completing my Sport Science degree, I travelled the world and attended many seminars and courses, learning from the best trainers in the industry. This has enabled me to refine my approach so that it could benefit you.

My dream? To bring the best out of you!