The Plan For Ladies

Do you want to learn how be healthy, strong and understand how your body works?

What I offer is a bespoke service, I find out more about you and your goals in our first consultation and work with you via weekly face-to-face calls to keep you accountable. Your training is accessible via my app and your food plan is constantly evolving to consider a female’s unique physiology, anatomy and hormones. I also understand the psychological aspect of a female journey and will support you through education and helping you pin point any triggers that lead you to unhealthy behaviours….

Once we get you to where you want to be, I pride myself on being able to coach clients into sustaining what they have achieved, long term. Learn how to prioritise yourself properly and incorporate ‘me time’ into your routine.

Start Your Transformation

I want to make it CLEAR:

This is NOT only about improving your physique. Health always comes first in my practice, and if you are ruthless in your quest to ‘look good’ (ie: Losing your period!) then I am not the right fit for you. This is why I only have a limited number of spaces in my online team of clients, so that I can work with you closely and support you properly.

My Expectation… I will ALWAYS expect hard work, dedication and a willingness to try new things throughout your journey with me.

Apply here if you think you are the right fit for the programme.


Georgina Crosswell


Anthony was my personal trainer for around 1.5 years until very recently. I’d been overweight for quite a long time when I started training with him and hadn’t really lifted a weight properly until that point.

Sian Bury


Anthony has truly transformed me. Being in a job that was making me unhappy, I avoided exercise and would stay home. I became overweight, unsociable, and irritable. I had crept from a size 8 up to a size 14 in less than 6 months. Something had to change.

Isabella Lord


Anthony is one of the most knowledgeable, humble and hard working coaches I know! His ability to understand myself psychologically and how my body works is incredible. I have never felt more confident whilst working with someone than I have with Anthony.