The Plan For Men

It’s time to train and eat like an athlete so you can look and perform like one.

Are you looking for a new challenge? But a meaningful one this time… One that will allow you to put yourself first and feel the immense reward of being a better version of yourself, both mentally and physically by the end of it?

Have you let yourself go over the years, maybe you have put your job and income as a priority? Or maybe…. You feel a bit stuck with your routine and need some structure to your life, to feel alive again.

If this sounds like you, KEEP READING.

What I offer is a bespoke service, I find out more about you and your goals in our first consultation and work with you via weekly face-to-face calls to keep you accountable. Your training is accessible via my app and your food plan is constantly evolving as you reach certain milestones.

The process is filled with education so you understand exactly why we are doing things and why it is relevant to you! Because everything is client dependent.

Once we get you to where you want to be, I pride myself on being able to coach clients into sustaining what they have achieved, long term.

Start Your Transformation

I want to make it CLEAR:

This is NOT a generic one size fits all program approach. This is why I only have a limited number of spaces in my online team of clients, contact me if you think that you are the right fit for my program.

Intimidated by it all…? You should be, because I believe, if it was easy, everyone would do it.


Asher Rose


Anthony is, simply put, elite. His knowledge of exercise physiology, psychology and nutrition is nothing I’ve ever come across before. He is incredibly passionate about what he does.

Georgina Crosswell


Anthony is an absolute fountain of knowledge beyond the scope of standard personal trainers, and he continues to push his knowledge in different fields for the betterment of his clients’ progress.

Richard Wilson


Anthony is a fantastic personal trainer who is an expert in both fitness and nutrition. Through his customised exercise and diet regime, he helped me lose 8kg in just 2 months.