Push your health and fitness forward with The Driven Program

The Driven Program is designed for highly driven men who demand precision, strategy, and results. This program gives you a complete understanding of training, nutrition, lifestyle management, and accountability to achieve your best physical health and energy.

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More Than Just The Way You Look

Anthony Paulhe: Your Expert in Body Transformations

Navigate through the overwhelm of fitness plans with Anthony Paulhe, an expert in creating calculated, results-oriented health and fitness strategies for highly driven men that want to be their best athletic selves.

Why Work With Anthony?

  • Published in 10 leading health & fitness magazines.
  • More than a decade of experience creating results-driven fitness strategies.
  • Recognized for outstanding performance, earning the #3 spot for “Best Trainers in Northern UK.”
  • Globally acknowledged expertise, mentoring over 30 other Personal Trainers and their respective clients, with a results-focus.

It’s Time to Reclaim Your Health & Fitness

You deserve to be in the best health and fitness of your life. The Driven Program is built to make sure you get there.

The coaching you receive is not based on templates or a one-size-fits-all approach. From day one, you will receive detailed actionable steps on nutrition, training and lifestyle, so you can achieve your dream physique and optimal energy levels to reflect how successful you are.

The Driven Program is not for the faint-hearted; it’s an accelerated journey designed for those hungry for change. If you’re ready to dive in headfirst and embrace the challenge, expect unparalleled results.

Four Pillars of The Driven Program

The four key pillars below prioritise measurable progress and clarity to eradicate self-doubt.



You will be given a bespoke training plan that contains powerful routines. There will be no guesswork on what to do, just a rock-solid plan that helps you achieve sustainable results. This precise training program will evolve as you get fitter and will accommodate your busy schedule. Ultimately, securing your goal of well-rounded fitness.



Receive clear, detailed nutritional instructions to make fast progress, leading to constant energy and sustainable results. Your pathway to athletic health and fitness is not just about what to eat, but receiving the education to understand the ‘why’ behind every bite. 



Feeling and looking like an athlete requires a holistic lens. Beyond training and nutrition, it’s about integrating strategic recovery, emphasising quality sleep, and aligning daily habits with your goals. Each lifestyle decision echoes in your training, nutrition, and overall energy levels.



The glue that keeps it all together – Benefit from one to one accountability with Anthony, guiding you towards your fitness goals with discipline and transparency. Through personalised one-on-one check-ins, ensure you remain on course, striving for the athleticism that you deserve.

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Your Questions Answered

The Driven Program is 100% online! Through Anthony’s training app, you can train wherever suits you best – be it your home or your local gym. You will also have access to instructional videos, ensuring your technique is spot-on.

Absolutely! Consider Anthony your Coach in your pocket. He’s always there for you, offering one-to-one interactions through Zoom calls, follow-ups, voice messages, and even WhatsApp to ensure a personalised experience.

Your journey with the program continues as long as it’s needed, to guide you from your current situation to your fitness and health goals. There is a minimum commitment of 6 months to ensure progress.

You will be provided with all the tools and support necessary for your health and fitness transformation. If you are coachable, open to feedback, and ready to implement clear steps and guidelines, results will come – But, no one can eat the food or lift the weights for you. 

With the resources at your fingertips and Anthony’s guidance, expect nothing short of remarkable outcomes.

You will want to allocate time for at least 3 weight training sessions a week and have some time set aside for meal preparations, unless you prefer to outsource your cooking (expect some help with that too).

To get started, ensure you have at least a bench and some dumbbells. The equipment you will need might change as you advance through your fitness journey.

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